Deep Under the Sky

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Colin Northway

I did the programming for Deep Under the Sky as well as half the design and a bunch of other stuff (that's how indie dev works!) Back in 2008 I wrote the successful Flash game Fantastic Contraption. My wife and I subsequently quit our jobs, gave away all our stuff and became travelling indie game developers. I released Incredipede from Mexico in late 2012 and have worked on Deep Under the Sky in the Philippines, Panama, Argentina, Brazil, Canada and a few other countries! You can check out some of our travel pictures if you want.

Deep Under the Sky mostly exists because I fell in love so hard with Rich's prototype BrainSplode! and managed to connive Rich into working on an expanded version with me. Originally Gasketball and Solipskier dev Mike Boxleiter was also on the team but had to leave to finish Gasketball. His early design work had a large impact on making the game what it is today.

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Rich Edwards

I did the weird dotty graphics for Deep Under The Sky, as well as some design and ethereal drone music

I worked for 5 years in a mid-size game company as a 3d artist before leaving to pursue a career as an indie developer, calling myself RichMakeGame. I learned programming and made a bunch of prototypes, and finally settled on the idea of Pineapple Smash Crew as a first project, which released in early 2012 on Steam and Desura

One of my earlier prototypes was BrainSplode!, and when Colin expressed an interest in developing a more streamlined game inspired by it (he had some brilliant design ideas!) I said I'd love to team up, and the rest as they say is history! I think it's turned out great!

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