Deep Under the Sky

Deep Under the Sky is "Art to Play"

Sean Keeton

Thomas Shahan

Sarah and I have seen a lot of the world and we know that there are a lot of reasons you might not be able to trade us money for Deep Under the Sky. We've felt the pain of unfair banking systems, poor online payment support, international distrust, age descrimination, and just flat being hard-up for cash. So Rich Edwards and I are going to make Deep Under the Sky "Art To Play" that is, we'll trade you the game for some fan-art.

If you make a picture or a painting or a story about the game that took you at least half an hour to make and send it to us then we'll email you back with the PC, Mac, and Android version of Deep Under the Sky! (sorry, we can't do iOS for technical reasons).

To get a free copy of Deep Under the Sky make something that...

Then send what you make here: and We'll send you a key to the game!

I think this is going to be really fun and am looking forward to your work! This is an experiment for us though and if we get overwhelmed with stick-figures we might cancel it but if you're all cool then we'll be cool!

Also, if you can buy the game please do! It lets us make more weird wonderful stuff in the future!